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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Piling around the traffic lights.

The Circle Line is being constructed and roads have to be diverted.

Despite all the work around it, the traffic lights pole stands tall and proud.
It still has the power to stop vehicles.

traffic light

If you have cable TV at home, you should tune in tonight to Discovery Channel at 10 pm. It's showing a series call "Underground Singapore". It's about the Circle Line which the mess on this photo is about.

When completed it will be the world's longest driverless railway system. (33.3 kms)
The schedule on Discovery's website says it will repeat the same show tomorrow at 1 pm and 9 August on 6 pm.

(if you are wondering, it's not sponsored post. :-) I like watching Discovery Channel, and also Asian Food Channel. hehe)


Anonymous said...

Yeah... The world's longest automatic railway system!
So what huh?

We're so obsessed with the biggest, longest, tallest, etc... But we overlook their actual values most of the time.

marley said...

Interesting! Not sure I'd want to travel that far without a driver!

alicesg said...

It is so convenient to travel round Singapore via the MRT. You dont really have to own a car. Looking forward to the circle line so that I can just pop over to my friend's house in the west within minutes. :)

Unknown said...

I like the last note on your post, very funny! :-)

Sally said...

Singapore - always something new happening!

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Unknown said...

Sigh. it's like that. not only Sg, everywhere in the world.

but can't wait for all the rail lines to complete. hopefully there will be less traffic jams!

machines are more alert than humans. :-)

I am waiting for the downtown line to complete! so many years to go!


Sydney's the same too! That's why Syd's so vibrant!