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Monday, August 17, 2009

a man on a recumbent bicycle

I was on a bus and saw someone riding a bicycle very differently!

I whipped out my camera and quickly took two shots.

"Recumbent Bicycle"

Looks cool eh?

"Recumbent Bicycle"

I wonder if it's easy to balance the bicycle sitting this way.


editorial photography singapore said...

cool come he can ride like this?

honza said...

Hallo, it is not difficult. I have been rididng such bicycle for years, now. I have been in many countries with it like Ukraine, Romania, Austria, Albania, Kosova etc. Almost all Europe. you can see some videos on and the bikes on

marley said...

Very cool! Great action shot.

monkey girl said...

I'm surprised he's not wearing a helmet. There are so many scooter-auto accidents fatalities in Singapore, with him being so low down, I imagine not all people will be able to see him on the road.

Unknown said...

photo sg,
he did it, maybe u can try too?

cool! so so cool! :-)


Monkey girl,
ya, we were all talking over lunch that it's quite dangerous for cyclist in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Came across your page while googling for recumbent information.

It's actually less dangerous riding recumbents than uprights.

The sight of something unusual will make people slow down. Drivers approaching from the cyclist's rear will also give more way because of visibility.

I ride a recumbent trike, which is even lower than the pictured 2-wheeler. Cars, buses, motorcyclists, trucks, actually filter to the next lane giving way to me.