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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Is a coke can strong enough to be a wheel replacement?

I saw this today and had to take a photo of it!

Looks like the table tennis table's wheel is missing and someone used an empty coke can as a wheel replacement. LOL!

Coke Can as a wheel replacement?

Looks like it's not a good replacement.


marley said...

Desperate times call for desperate measures!

Neva said...

I am with appears to be doing the job....just don't move it!!!!

Ciki said...

LOL! farnee..

Unknown said...

Yup, desperate indeed! LOL

maybe it will hold for only 1 more day!

Maybe those old tin cans is sturdier than the new alu cans eh? :-)

Elaine Yim said...

I think Mr McGuyver happened to be around and he fixed it. As usual, very practical solution.

Unknown said...

Autumn belle,

haha.. I have not heard of McGuyver for the longest time!