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Monday, November 15, 2010

Measuring Eco Friendly Initiatives

I saw this few days ago at one of the new shopping mall in Singapore that declares it is very an Eco Friendly Mall.

At the open space outside, it has this monitor that displays that shows how much many kWh it has used from the Solar panels and cool breeze fans it has installed.

Eco Climate Environment

One screen shows the accumulative data since 1 Dec 2009.
The other, the day's readings.

Eco Climate Environment

This is not the only mall that has such readings displayed. I have seen another office complex that shows something similar too.

Recently I saw at a friend's HDB block the public lighting on the corridors. Their town councils have changed the lighting along the corridors to LED lights. It is very bright and saves energy. But the initial costs must be quite high.

How do you try to save energy usage at home or at work?

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