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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

i Light Marina Bay 2012 - ArtScience Museum

I just realised the i Light Marina Bay 2012 is over when I visited the festival's website today.
I only went there 2 times and have not finished all the different shows and was hoping to go there the 3rd time.

iLight Marina Bay 2012

Last weekend, KopiKosongGirl and I took photos of the ArtScience Museum. The first time we took photos of the Merlion, located at the other end.

It's so nice isn't it?
Creativity, Artistry and Electricity.

iLight Marina Bay 2012

The 'petals' of the ArtScience Museum used as a canvas for the video projected.

iLight Marina Bay 2012

Love the reflection as well.

iLight Marina Bay 2012

It was quite entertaining watching the video.
Did you all go?

iLight Marina Bay 2012

For techies, here's the projectors that created those effects.
3 sets of projectors for this location on the Helix Bridge.

iLight Marina Bay 2012
There was 4 more projectors near to the Marina Bay Sands building.
Quite a few projectors used.

Did not find out more about the projectors, it was so warm that we went into MBS to cool down ;-)


Jim said...

Marvellous shots.

SLsTweeter said...

Great shots you've got there!

Just wondering, the top 3 shots, did you do any "touch ups" the sky?

Unknown said...

Thanks Jim.

The top 3 shots, sky was not touched. I reduced the big image to a small image though. ;-)