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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Oh yay, the Milo Truck!

This green truck catches everyone's eyes kilometres away!
Somehow the brain registers that the most awesome Milo you can ever taste is coming!


It's always seen at Sports Day for schools, or during 'Bazaar Days' at the universities.

There's always a queue when the Milo Truck is around.
Everyone will take at least 2 cups of the ice cold milo which we can never replicate at home.

Are you a Milo fan?


red fir said...

I think they add some kind of dope in the milo! Secret recipe that we would never know hahaha. That's why milo from milo trucks is always nicer than the milo we make at home.

Unknown said...


i think so! we will never know until maybe we work at the milo man who drives the truck! hehe....

maybe he won't know too! someone mixes all the milo and he just collects it and drive it to the destination..... haha...