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Monday, December 03, 2012

Dragon on the wall....

Look up and you will see very interesting buildings in Singapore, especially in the many conservation areas in Singapore.

Dragon on the wall...

Look at the green dragons on wall!
Or are they huge green lizards?

On the sideline....
This building is at the corner of Joo Chiat Lane and Joo Chiat Road.
Over the weekend, I met Philip Chew (same firstname as me!) who's grandfather was Chew Joo Chiat. The name that Joo Chiat Lane / Joo Chiat Road / Joo Chiat area is named after!
How interesting isn't it? He shared with me how the buildings were like in the past, what a knowledgeable man!

You can read more about Mr Chew Joo Chiat at:


wilf said...
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wilf said...

Realised it was the wrong place, thought it was at little india...Joo Chiat...been there, lots of interesting old houses around, right?