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Thursday, February 28, 2013

PLANET - the floating white baby

Everyone has been taking photo of this floating white baby in Singapore.
I asked a friend where she took it from and she said the gardens.

Though there are many gardens in Singapore, there's now only 1 Garden that everyone knows, probably the world world knows about it too.


If you are at Gardens by the Bay, you can see this sculpture titled: PLANET.


A white painted bronze, stainless steel sculpture of a baby boy.
Sculptor is Marc Quinn.

If you can't see what's on the 2nd photo, here it is:

Beautifully balanced on a languid arm of a sleeping boy child, this six ton, 383cm by 353 cm by 926 cm bronze cast sculpture floats like a heavenly body above a verdant earth. Renowned sculptor Marc Quinn (b. 1964) created this work in a depiction of his infant son, Lucas. Quinn deploys an assortment of materials and techniques to explore nature under human influence in themes that include the changing human body and the dual meanings of human life, between spiritual and physical, surface and depth, cerebral and sexual. This piece is the second of three editions, and is gifted for permanent display in the Gardens by the Bay.

A friend from the other part of the world says she has seen this in Monte Carlo. Have you seen the 3rd one in your part of the world?

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Stefan Jansson said...

Never seen a floating boy before!