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Sunday, April 06, 2014

Bukit Timah (Hill)

The view (again, and this time with better resolution) of Bukit Timah. Bukit Timah already means Timah Hill when it's translated from Malay to English, but everyone calls it Bukit Timah Hill. Why? Coz most people do not understand what Bukit means.

Bukit Timah (Hill)

(Viewing on a retina display, this photo will look clearer if you click on the photo and view it on Flickr)

It's also because the whole area is called Bukit Timah, so as to distinguish it the area and the hill itself, people call it Bukit Timah Hill.

This is the highest natural peak in Singapore and nature reserve around it is also home to many rare plants. Bukit Timah (Hill) is 163.63 metres tall. The nature reserve is around 163 hectares. (Source)

The tallest buildings in Singapore are 280 metres tall. (That's the currently allowed maximum heights for buildings in Singapore and there are 3 buildings with that height. That easily dwarfs the hill.

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Gerald (SK14) said...

no reason why a small hill can't be the biggest - it's all relative