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Monday, September 13, 2010

MRT trains need to sleep, but they sleep really early....

It's night time as you can see. It was around 11 PM.
Most trains have returned 'home' to their 'beds' to rest till the next morning.
Trains sleep early in Singapore.

MRT depot

I wonder when will Singapore get almost 24 hours of train service. We were told the tracks needs maintenance. Probably when the new lines open next year, they could try operate 24 hours but during say the 2 to 5 am hours, the system only runs 75% of the lines.

Commuters can still get around by going the 'long route'. They can traveling a longer route by circling around the lines or transferring between lines. Eg Buona Vista to Outram Park on the Green Line can be close for maintenance. Commuters can take the Yellow Line to get to the same destination. Those planners can think of the timing of closure right?

It's just like how the Underground in London always have closures of certain lines, but commuters still can get around by transferring around.

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Anonymous said...

You especially went there to capture this? Must be from afar. But thanks for this, never seen where they "park" the trains at night.