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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Car Park Space for Disabled and Pregnant Mums

I saw this car park space at the NTUC Income at Bras Basah and saw that the disabled parking space can be used by pregnant mums too!

What a brilliant idea isn't it? This reserved space is usually empty.

Car Park Space for Disabled and Pregnant Mums

Oh by the way, what you see is a "parking space" and not a "parking lot".
I recently 'learned' the correct term.

Many people in Singapore will say they are looking for a parking lot in the car park.

A Parking Lot (American term) = Car Park (British term)
Wikipedia has a good explanation on the first paragraph, read it here:

We know how to use the term 'lot' when we say we want to buy that lot of vegetables or buy a lot of shares. We used it as a 'collection' of something. But when it comes to parking lot, we don't. We use it as a single space. (Yes, blame it on our teachers!)

Maybe it's not our fault or our teacher's fault, it's the people who make the sign in some car park's fault. Do you notice some car parks has an electronic sign that says "Lots Available" at the entrance of the car park. They are trying to say they have "375 car parks" inside their building. Wow.....


Leif Hagen said...

Very wide and clean! I guess they appreciate it when they can find such a parking space!

Ron Kiley said...

In the US a vacant parcel of land is called a vacant "lot". When you park cars there it becomes a parking lot.

Ciki said...

a LOT of help you are.. just find me a parking space.. NAO :P hehe

(how rya?)