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Monday, January 10, 2011

Instagram Photo: Saying No to No?

Saw this at Great World City and Meg from Nelson said something that 'aha' me.

There's a No and they cancelled the No.
So, this sign is saying, You can smoke, you can have pets, you can carry a camera, you can tout etc... right?

Saying No to No?

Yup, many places like to put No signs in Singapore.
Even most kids in Singapore, when you ask them anything, their standard answer is "No"!

smithankyou also said: Roller Skate / in-line skate is the correct term. Roller blade is a brand. :-)

Instagram photo by keropokman


whynotpat said...

Haha! Although we know what the sign is trying to say, this can still mislead others.

chillycraps said...

2 nos make a yes :P

Unknown said...


we are so used to it, we know it's yet another No sign.

it was not until someone from outside Singapore tells me that I realise it. haha

u must be a math person!
colleague said the same thing. negative and negative = positive. LOL

London Caller said...

Ha! Send them back to primary to re-learn maths.

But what they put down there actually makes sense if you think deeper...

First sign: -ve + -ve = +ve

Second regulations: -ve

Hence, 1st sign (+ve) + 2nd regs (-ve) = -ve
So the final answer is still "no".

Apparently, you guys need to go back primary too!
Ha! I'll come back and play with you guys next time lah.
Be good!