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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

SBS Transit Service 95

For students, staff and academics who works in NUS, buses seems to be an obsession.
The buses are always so packed, so any higher capacity buses are always much appreciated.

Buses, food and the occasional freebies that is around campus seems to be a good distraction to studies and the obsession to get papers published in the Rank 1 conferences. 

SBS Transit Service 95

During lunch time these few days, people have been talking about the new double decker buses.
SBS Transit is now deploying the Volvo B9TL (Wright Eclipse Gemini 2) buses on Service 95!

The latest model of double deck buses around Singapore and the design is very roundish. Even the interior has everything round. These buses are comfortable!

Thanks to Otterman who spotted it and notified me for a stakeout.
This photo was taken on 1 March 7:35 PM.


chillycraps said...

I have yet to hop onto this new bus model.. should try once, even if the bus isn't taking me to where I want to go :P

Unknown said...


You should try it! Quite a few routes are being served by this bus.