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Monday, February 28, 2011

Borders, currently still open.

When Borders first opened, for bookstores, it became my first love for bookstore.
It was not before long that I had a change of heart, it became Kinokuniya. I became addicted to their 20% off offers.

Borders Books Singapore

Since June last year, when I could not wait for the iPad to reach Singapore and got it in UK, my books and magazines purchases are now done online, directly with US based stores. I subscribed to a year's worth of magazine (10-12 issues) for the price of 2 copies of the same title in Singapore dollars.

Coming back to Borders, if you take a look at the message at
Note the 2nd line in the first paragraph. it says 'not currently'. Is that suggesting anything? Hmm...


Meg said...

So you have an iPod? I'm not a geek and I'm very seldom attracted to hardware, but boy, iPad is something I don't mind having so I don't clutter my house with more books and mags. I so envy you. (And Nelson is on a fault line, too!)

Kate said...

Our neighborhood Borders store is one of the many that they have had to close. So sad, esp. for those of us who have not yet converted to ebooks. Am having a hard time deciding if I can give up the feel, look and smell of a good book. I guess it's just a matter of time, but I'm resisting it. Unlike Meg I really, really like a cluttered-book look to a room.