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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Universal Studio Singapore - Canopy Flyer Queue

In the last two weeks, I have been inside Universal Studios Singapore twice!
(We treated a friend to her birthday here and also bought my brother and his fiance tickets as belated birthday presents. January was a cheap month to buy tickets as gifts because there was 20% off the ticket prices if you pay using a 'certain' credit card)

The Canopy Flyer at Lost World USS happens to be one of the many rides I enjoy.

Universal Studio Singapore - Canopy Flyer Queue

It's such a short ride, but the waiting time is so long because it's so popular.
Just look at the queue! Guess what? Old folks seems to like it too! I see grandma in saris taking the ride too!

The best time to take this ride is at 6 PM! At around 6 PM, there are no queue and you can take the ride over and over again with no waiting time. Get down the ride, go back to the entrance, walk up the ramp and you are next!

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