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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Taking cutlery off the airplane.... ok or not ok?

Earlier today, I was at a friend's house celebrating someone's birthday. We had a beautiful cake and ate it using small plates and tea spoons.

My latest hobby is 'instagram'-ing things I see. 

I took a photo of the spoon and instagram/tweet/facebook it asking: "Hands up, who also have Singapore Airlines utensils taken off the plane".
 (it does not sound grammatically correct).

Singapore Airlines Spoon

I had quite a few interesting replies from all over! Just as I guessed, many people have cutlery taken off airplanes.

What made me laugh includes these answers:
- I took blankets too
- My grandmother took blankets as well!
- Their towels are of good quality (do they have towels?)

Someone who works in the airline industry said, people in Business Class takes plates off the planes too! (how can they pull it off? gasp!)
Singapore Airlines Spoon

The original photo before it being 'instagram-ed' by the filters.

Do you know if it is OK to take things off the plane?


fatboybakes said...

legalistically speaking, i guess not la, its still THEFT right...
same principle in hotels, certain items are meant to be taken, some arent.
however, realistically speaking, aiyo, pay so much for airfare oridi, just take la...
these days still got metal cutlery ah?

Unknown said...


For SQ, someone I know asked the airline staff if it's ok, they said it's ok!

Hotel is different. Everything in the hotel is accountable item.

Another source says that for airlines, it seems cutlery is not an accountable item. ;-p

Yes, SQ seem to have gone back to metal.

Qantas use very high quality plastic that looks very designer.

I have not taken MAS for some time.

Radman said...

It is cheap but more importantly it is stealing.

doc said...

you haven't taken MAS because it's plastic nowadays. in the context of 9-11, i can understand the change to plastics, so i wonder why SQ did not follow suit.

Anonymous said...

There's only one word to describe - theft.
The cutlery does not belong to you so you don't swipe it. If a person can afford to fly, he or she can afford to pay a few dollar for this. Don't be so 'low class' or 'chow-kuan'.