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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pearl Bank Apartments

Whenever I pass by this apartment, I am in a moving vehicle, either in a bus or a car.
So when I take shots of this building, it's always a bit blurry.

I kind of like this building because of it's unique shape. I don't know how to explain, but if you google and read more about it, you might too.

Pearl Bank Apartments

If you take a look at the behind of it, it's like a 'horse-shoe'.

I just noticed something as I put up this post.
I realised that this building is actually taller (171m) than Pinnacle @ Duxton (168m)!

Pearl Bank Apartments

If you have been following the news, there are some staying here who wants to en-bloc the building.

There are also residents who are opposing people selling their homes. This site is quite interesting:


DK said...

Think you made a mistake. The Pearl Bank is only 113m high. Maybe 171m is above sea level since it is build on top of a hill :)

Unknown said...


Oh maybe it is.

I saw this Business Times graphic that the 'protestors' group posted on their website at

It says 171m.
But wikipedia says it is 113m.

Probably you are right, it's built on a hill, that is why it is higher on the BT Graphics. :-)

Kate Morgan said...

The building does have a very interesting design, and there is a sense of uniqueness to it that makes you want to pull out your camera and just start taking pictures of it. You actually did great capturing that awesome structure. If you had the chance to stay there, which floor would you choose?