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Monday, April 04, 2011

Singapore's Sydney Opera House miniature?

Singapore's version of Sydney Opera House?

I was holding my camera up and took a photo and when I saw the preview screen, I thought it looked a bit like the Sydney Opera House.

Ya, call me lame.

Singapore Sydney Opera House? LOL

The above is part of the MBS ArtScience Museum.
Can you spot which part of it I took?

MBS ArtScience Museum

Anyone gone inside? It is worth the ticket prices?
I wonder if there are any free days to go in.


Al said...

Very cool :D

chillycraps said...

yup definitely worth the tix compared to some of our other museums.

Anonymous said...

Power!! You should drop by for a visit, dude!

Unknown said...

OK! If you say it's good, I think it will be good! ;-)

Unknown said...