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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Just before F1 starts

It's almost the F1 season in Singapore and the roads have closed and caused some inconvenience to the people working near the F1 track.

Momo (the wife) has to wake up early and take a different route to her office the last few days. The buses stops far away and everyone has to walk all the way or join in the super packed trains. Yes, she's complaining like many others.

Just before F1 starts.. 22 Sept 2011

While she is complaining, she's also looking forward to road closures. She enjoys walking in the evening looking at people setting up whatever is needed for the show to work.  She says it's only once a year that she gets to walk in the middle of the road!

While walking around, she has been taking photos. The above, camera testing going on, probably for viewers around the world to watch the race.

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