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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Gloomy Skies in Singapore

Although there is no 'winter' in Singapore, there's the monsoon season.
Rains have been pouring and Singapore joins the rest of the world in getting floods.

Looks like man made structures can't defeat what nature intends to do.
If nature wants to pour rain down, even Orchard Road floods.

Cold gloomy day in Singapore

This was taken earlier today when I was going for lunch.
It looks like it's winter in Singapore. Trees with not much leaves, skies so gloomy, it looks like London a colleague said.

Let's hope for better weather soon!


Kate said...

Nature certainly has duel roles to keep us humans in line. It's either fascinating us with it's beauty or sometimes terrifying us with its power. Your photo is very picturesque!

Unknown said...

Thanks Kate. This was taken using the iPhone!

Earlier today on the news, it was said this year, planet earth has one of the most number of calamities caused by nature. Nature is not happy with us!