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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Last day of Logos Hope docking at VivoCity, Singapore

I remember when I was young, dad will bring us up MV Doulos where we will pester him to get us books. The Doulos has since retired and the sister ship, Logos Hope is the only floating bookshop left sailing around the world.

Today's the last day that Logos Hope's bookshop will be open to public. It's open till 10 PM tonight if you want to visit the ship. Entrance is free. A few days later, the ship will sail to Cebu, the Philippines.

Logos Hope in Singapore

I went up the ship last night and bought a book.

I did not take many photos, if you want to know more about this ship and the ministry of bringing books around the world, visit:


chillycraps said...

i went onboard too, but too bad it was lunch time and we didn't have all that lot of time to look around, if not could have bought a book or two at least as momento.

Unknown said...


we had a short walk in the bookshop only. wanted to go for the tour of the ship, but no time and I think it was late and the tour was over...

oh well, let's hope for their next trip here!