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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Earth Hour in Singapore

I was in Orchard Road and realised there was so so so many people in blue t-shirts around.
Out of curiosity, went to take a look.

The Earth Hour folks are having a mass gathering.

Earth Hour Singapore

It was really a lot of people around!

Earth Hour Singapore

I don't believe doing these things prove anything. It's just to make a statement. If these people here really practice what they preach, good, but we doubt it. ;-)

We at home do our little part, by making our daily lives more earth friendly.
We make our own statement daily instead.

We know we need air-con at home, so we got ourselves the most energy efficient ones. We also used energy saving bulbs, in fact we use LEDs at home. We also use induction cooker at home. It is the most energy efficient, using around 80% of electricity is used for cooking. Compared to gas where efficiency is only 40%, the rest get wasted as heat. We use both gas and induction because Chinese cooking still need flames ;-)

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