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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hug Me Coke Machine @ NUS

Something interesting spotted at the NUS Campus today.
A coke machine that looks very different from the usual Coke Vending Machine.

(For those who wants to know where this was located, it's near LT14 / LT15, the walkway in front of the Lecture Theatre, near to Forum)

Hug Me Coke Machine

It just has a Hug Me word on it and a 'hole' to collect the can drinks.

How do you get the drinks out, since there are no buttons to choose your drinks and no holes to insert your coins?

Hug Me Coke Machine

You Hug It!

Noticed this guy took a few hugs before the machine is satisfied with his hug!

Hug Me Coke Machine

Maybe tall guys have it easier.
This guy held the machine up close and the machine likes him and gave him a coke immediately!

Hug Me Coke Machine

I tried it too and got a hug. Hug it 3 times before I got the drink.

If you are in NUS these two days (Thursday and Friday) you can find the machine and give it a hug.
A special project by the NUS Student Union (NUSSU). They call it the NUSSU Exam Welfare Initiatives.

(Hmm. My prev uni in Melbourne during my undergraduate years did not have this!)


Lyrical Lemongrass said...

For real??

Unknown said...

Yes, I took a video of it too! LOL

Gerald (SK14) said...

Well I've heard of hugging trees before but never a coke dispenser!

Unknown said...

LOL Gerald!

First time I saw one too! Could not help but hugged it for a nice cold drink!

adgirl said...

Actually it's a Coke initiative in partnership with NUS & Ogilvy, to bring a little happiness to NUS students studying hard!

Unknown said...


Ah... now the mystery solved! Thanks for the info.

Ogilvy has been very creative!

red fir said...

LOL. But I'm so skinny... think I won't get my coke! ):

Unknown said...


Can! 3 very petite girls and skinny too hugged it and the coke dropped out straight away!

I think the camera on top senses something! hehe...