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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Secure Device

The banks in Singapore have been sending updated versions of the 'secure device' to customers.

The 2nd generation devices are supposed to have more functions, but I guess it will only be used later.

Secure Device

I prefer the old smaller one.

There are so many banks in Singapore. Every bank is giving out their own version. Each person has at least 2 or 3 banks. Let's say half the population have bank accounts, about 10 million or more being distributed around Singapore these few months?


wilf said...

I am still waiting for DBS to send me mine....:(.

Unknown said...


other family members at home got their long ago! mine only came this week...

the postmen must be so busy! ;-)

wilf said...

I finally got it, postal service in Italy is hoorible, at least it didn't get lost on the way...:)

Unknown said...

hehe.. They sent it all the way to Italy for u?

Someone at home finally got it this week too. I think they are sending it out in batches. ;-)