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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fuel Pump of the future....

The news reported that there's some new "Carbon Emissions-Based Vehicle Scheme", which you get some rebates that's quite enticing for those getting new cars. Looks like people will be attracted to cars with low carbon emissions or maybe zero emissions like electric cars.

In Singapore now, there's some testing of electric cars going on.
It's only for companies and not individuals though. It's been "on testing" since 2011.

Bosch Electric Cars

With electric cars, the cars needs to be charged and I saw these charging stations at the Bosch South East Asia HQ in Singapore. Interesting isn't it?

Bosch Electric Cars
Here's an example of charging on a Nissan electric car. 
I wonder how many hours of charging is needed.

Bosch Electric Cars

Another example of the electric car.
This should be a Daimler Electric Drive right?

Bosch Electric Cars

I wonder if the general public can 'test drive' these cars.


If you are geeky person too, you can actually rent 'eCars' or 'eBicycles' now in Singapore.
You have to be living or working near Buona Vista / One North area though.

Geeks can proceed to to find out more.

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