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Sunday, November 25, 2012

We love to queue and wait...

People in Singapore love to queue. Queuing for hours, even 3 hours is no big deal for some.
There was so so so many people queuing everywhere at Sitex. 

There are a few IT Fairs or IT Shows in Singapore in a year. Over the weekend, it was "Sitex" held at "Expo".

We wanted to renew our cable TV subscription and saw a great deal advertised. If we re-contract our subscription at Sitex, we get a $30 Robinson voucher too!

3 Hour Wait....

When we saw the queue to get to our turn was going to be 3 hours, we decided it was not worth our time standing in queue. We walked around the show looking at other stuff like cameras, notebooks etc but left without buying anything.

Oh yes, we did re-contracted our Cable TV subscription. We did it at the Starhub shop later at VivoCity within 10 mins! (without the $30 voucher of course). We did however got quite a good deal too, served by someone who knows their products better and configured quite a good plan for us.

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