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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hot Food Vending Machine in Singapore

Spotted a new kind of vending machine in Singapore. It's a Hot Meal vending machine!

It's located at the Central Forum at the National University of Singapore.  It's where there's a stretch of around 10 different kinds of vending machine, all in a single row.

Hot Food Vending Machine

I am not sure how it works. I did not try it. Maybe one of these days I will try it!
(not because of how the food will taste, but how the machine works!)

Hot Food Vending Machine

There's a touch screen where you can order your meals.
There are 4 different meals on sale now. Pasta with sauce, Fried Rice, Hor Fun and Curry Chicken.

I am just curious to find out, how the Hor Fun will turn out!
I saw the email address on the machine and googled Jiayen. It seems they manufacture frozen food and their products can be found in supermarkets.

The techie in me wonders how the food is heated up. I suspect it will be microwaved. On the screen you can see that the food in the machine is stored at minus 14.2 degree Celsius.  Wow, how cool!

Would you buy Hot Food from Vending Machines? 


Anonymous said...

this is also spotted at Changi General Hospital when I was warded.

Unknown said...

Thanks Isaac!
So it's not new. haha...

Hope you have recovered by now!