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Friday, January 25, 2013

Gardens By The Bay Night View

A friend was visiting Singapore and we met her at her hotel.

Gardens By The Bay Night View

Such a magnificent view of the Gardens by The Bay.
Those are the SuperTrees!

Gardens By The Bay Night View

The Domes!

Anyone been to both the Gardens by the Bay domes and also the Eden Project in UK?
Which is more interesting?


JollyGreenP said...

No contest, Gardens By The Bay took the Eden Project concept, adopted, adapted and improved it. My wife and I spent a full day there on our recent visit to Singapore last October. We did the two days during the day and then returned for another look after dark. The stamps on our hands had almost sweated off but we we got that second look around and it was well worth the effort, far less crowded than earlier in the day and a completly different atmosphere. This is something for Singapore to be justly proud of.

JollyGreenP said...

Correction, that should be " We did the two domes" not "we did the two days". Apologies for that silly slip!

Unknown said...

Thanks JollyGreenP. My wife and I might be going planning a trip to UK and wonder if we should make a trip to the Eden Project. It looks so fascinating, the bubbles they created there!

I guess the weather at the Eden is also more comfortable than here in humid Singapore (unless you are inside the Domes haha).

So now then you mentioned no contest, if we don't have time to visit the Eden Project, we won't feel a huge regret missing it. ;-)