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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Bukit Timah Canal

Bukit Timah Canal, near the Bukit Timah Campus of NUS.

The Downtown Line of the MRT was rumoured to be build over the canal using an inverted U to hold the train tracks. However news announced a few months ago confirmed that the new Downtown line will be totally underground.

Hmmm. Maybe the new line will be below the canal?

Can't wait for the new Downtown line to be ready. I hope it wont be delayed with the current financial situation.


Kris McCracken said...

Do you ever go for a swim here?

Mockingbird said...

The Downtown Line (DTL) will be built in three stages, with Stage 1 to be completed in 2013, Stage 2 to be completed in 2015 and Stage 3 in 2016. Long, long way to go. But not so long if you consider it will be completed in less than 10 years from now :)

Unknown said...

Kris, you can't swim in this big drain. :-p

Yeah, it's a long long time. If only they can find someway to speed things up. LOL...