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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Gleaming Tree of Joy

The trees gets more interesting every year. You heard of musical fountains that have lights and water displays that it in synch with the music.

This tree at Raffles City shopping centre changes lights in synch with the Christmas carols too.

I was standing there just looking at the lights change. :-)


Jane Hards Photography said...

So pretty, and mesmerising.

marley said...

Glad you took advantage of 'the perfect photo opportunities'! Its a fantastic tree :)

alicesg said...

Very pretty tree, I took one on 17th November when part of the tree was not lighted up. Planned to post it tomorrow for My World Tuesday. :)

J.C. said...

I saw Alice's posting of this dazzling tree today. Must be a great attraction in Singapore!

Anonymous said...

Hello ! very nice blog ! I'm visiting Singapore next month, your city looks very exciting !
Could you please tell me where I can shop during Chinese New Year and how many days shops are closed during this celebration ?
Thank you

Unknown said...

Hi t3peace,

An early welcome to Singapore. The 3-4 weeks leading to Chinese New Year, you should be able see specials being offered in most shops at the major shopping malls.

If you want to get things more specific to the festival, you can visit Chinatown. There's usually a night market that sells lots of decorative ornaments for the festival. The shops should all open till Chinese New Year eve. After that, they will take a rest, some for the next 7 days.

Shopping malls will usually open as normal. ;-)

Eve said...

I like this christmas tree! It's just so beautiful.

singapore photographers said...

great tree hehehehe