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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Flooding on the roof top

Flooding on the roof top? No, it's just a giant wadding pool on top of a shopping mall.

On the background, the national birds of Singapore - the Cranes. ;-p


Anonymous said...

Anon here again.
Wow! I am the first kepo to comment at this post. Really feel honoured. LOL.

Really enjoy reading your blog. Let the pictures tell the story. Well maybe because I am lazy to read the long essay blog.

About the pic. Hahaha the cranes are Singapore National Birds? I thought it look like dinosaurs.
Where is this? Vivo City? How come I didnt notice this? I should look around when I go there again.

Well Done Mr Keropok!

Mockingbird said...

i think the little boy on the left in the swimsuit might give away the fact that it is a wading pool instead of a flooded rooftop :p