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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

New building at Victoria Street - Iluma at Bugis

I thought this new building look rather interesting.


I have no idea what it is called, what it's for, etc..
I think it's a hotel though. Anyone knows? (It's at Victoria Street)

This building's name is Iluma.
There's a modern cinema in it too, called Filmgarde (


Mavis Ang said...

It's the new to-be shopping mall called Illuma. You shld see the lighting at night. It's very pretty. Looks like a spotlight is shining at it from afar.

Taoism said...

Really? You think it looks pretty? I think it is hideous.

Lowell said...

Certainly is interesting. Can't it as very attractive, though. What are the discs about?

Anonymous said...

Yeah the moving light display caught my attention. Din know what the building is though.

Unknown said...


Oh.. another shopping mall! Thanks for the info.

Well, everyone thinks differently. Some think it's pretty nice, some think it's pretty hideous. LOL...

Lights maybe?

I have not seen it at night. Maybe I should go there one day to see the lights. LEDs you think?

Anonymous said...

Not LEDs I think. It is like what Mavis said, it looks a spotlight is shining on it. You know like those tight focus spotlight you see at concerts.

Anonymous said...

It kinda reminds me of the stuff we learn in chemistry... oh dear I've forgotten what they're called.

Siska Kemala said...

wow it's pretty cute ! but what is that white thingy ?

Unknown said...

They are lights ;-)