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Monday, March 02, 2009

Paris DP meets KL DP in Singapore

This blog is part of an International Group of people who post daily (or almost daily) a photo of the city they are living in. (yes, we wonder why we do it....)

In Singapore, there 3 of us doing it:
Keropokman -
Zannnie/Neo -
√úbersee -

This Daily Photo thingy was started by Eric of Paris Daily Photo -

Last Saturday morning, it was very very very early morning, I happen to read my email and found out from Michael and Eric are here. They are here in transit to New Zealand and they have a few hours to spare. Would I want to meet up? Sure!

I sms Edwin from Kuala Lumpur Daily Photo because I know he's based in Singapore to perform. No reply... he most probably is sleeping like everyone else. But when he woke up, he called me and we arranged to meet.

Paris Daily Photo meets KL Daily Photo in Singapore

This is Edwin and Eric posing in front of the poster of the show Edwin's performing in. I watched it on Sunday and it was quite good. If you are in Singapore you should catch it. Eric's finger is pointing at the sign that says, "For Adults and Big Children over 16 only". :-)

Find out more about Sleepless Town by going over to It's running till 14 March 2009 at the Drama Centre.


marley said...

That is really good. Glad you got to meet the man who started all this!

Unknown said...

Yes it was, and 3 diff DPs too!

Kate said...

I wonder how BIG one has to be to qualify? Good snap!!