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Saturday, October 15, 2011

ChunkFest 2011

It was a super hot and humid day earlier today, yet we went outdoors to have ice cream!

If I heard correctly, there was already 12 thousand people who have visited the Chunk Fest!
I guess people love their ice cream!

ChunkFest 2011

We were there with some friends. In fact many groups of friends were there!
It was a fun time eating ice cream! Bought $10 worth of FairCoins.

ChunkFest 2011

There were many things happening there, but I guess the most interesting event when we were there was the Vermonster Bucket challenge.

Somehow I knew this group will win and I took photos of them. They did win!

ChunkFest 2011

Look at how they finish up the bucket of ice cream!

Took most photos using the phone app called Instagram.
If you want to see those photos of this event, click here: 

The FairCoins were rather cute!

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