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Saturday, October 08, 2011

SMRT Carnival @ Holland Village Station

The Circle Line fully opens today and there's a carnival at the Holland Village station.
These two photos were taken in the evening.

SMRT Carnival @ Holland Village MRT Station

Some time ago, when the authorities said that there's going to be a "Real" park instead of a "car" park, many people wondered how is it possible to have a park? Isn't the area too small?

By the looks of it yesterday, it seems it is a good idea to have a park there! It's not that big, but the greenery's a good change. Looking at trees and grass does makes the place more pleasing.

SMRT Carnival @ Holland Village MRT Station

Earlier in the day, a group of "makan kakis" went for a Circle Line makan trail. It was fun to eat and also meet some 'twitter' friends in person!

Let's hope more lines and stations will be built. I am waiting for the station that's being constructed near by home to be ready. 5 more years of waiting!

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