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Monday, October 03, 2011

Circle Line Open House.

Circle Line MRT Open Day, Botanic Gardens MRT

Last Saturday evening, Momo and I went for the last two hours of the Circle Line Open House. It was a really last minute decision, since it's free and we could get to see the stations first before it officially opens.

Circle Line MRT Open Day, Botanic Gardens MRT This is probably the nearest Circle Line station from our home. We need to take around 30 minutes of bus ride to get to this station. Kind of far isn't it? To get to the nearest East West line, it takes around 5 minutes less.

One of the reason why we are 'bus people'.

Bukit Timah Gate, Circle Line Open House

Back to the Circle Line Open Day. Wow, it's unbelievable how many people are at all the different stations! It was so packed! Stations were not very ready, but they had 1 more week to spruce things up. It was a nice ride though. Circle Line trains seems to run faster too.

As a software engineer, so proud that software powers the train. The trains are driverless, all powered by software. Just wondering, how neat the codes are written!

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