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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A World United by Huang Yifan

Another art work for this blog. I love taking art work or sculptures around Singapore.


This can be found at Marina Bay, where the Youth Olympic Games (YOG).
The artist is Mr Huang Yifan.

The following details of this art piece, I found it at the URA Website:

Concept: “A World United” illustrates the unifying spirit of peace and sport through a stylised and dynamic depiction of sportsmen engaging in the 26 sports of  the inaugural Youth Olympic Games.  

Symbolising mutual respect of cultures shared through sport, the circular shape of the work is a reflection of the esprit de corps, friendship, along with willingness to engage in the exchange of ideas and knowledge.  

Through sport, unity and connection between individuals can be achieved – and more importantly, peace and harmony between nations.

Dimension:  4.0m diameter, 1.5m width
Material:   316# Stainless Steel with 2k auto paint in Signal Red & Black

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