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Friday, August 24, 2012

Old School Stuff....

Saw these super old school style of selling biscuits and sweets in a super technologically advanced building!

Old School Biscuits on Sale

If you are old enough, you might remember buying biscuits from metal tins like this.
This shop has quite a lot of choices!

I remember we got to choose 1 or 2 kinds a week when mum bought stuff from the sundry shops. After that, it was mostly biscuits from supermarkets with nice packaging!

Old School Sweets and Biscuits on Sale

I remember I was not allowed to buy any sweets by mum, probably that's why I don't have any cavity in my teeth?


Nikon said...

I love anything "retro."

red fir said...

Is this at Munch Munch @ Fusionpolis? hehe did you buy your Ding Dang chocolate from here?

Unknown said...


I like some things retro, not all things. :-)

Unknown said...


yes yes! you are so sharp!
And yes, Ding Dang was from there too! ;-p