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Sunday, July 22, 2007

She sure is a tall lady!

wow.. she sure is a very tall lady ya?

its all part of the welcoming party at the Sentosa Family Day.

Locals: How long have you all not been to Sentosa? It's changed! I was pleasantly surprised.
Visitors from overseas: Have you heard of Sentosa?


Anonymous said...

Yes i think it has changed lots too. My last visit was Sept 2006 -2 friends bought me there for a special day! ;)

Unknown said...

ya, i want to take the monorail ride one of these days.

But lots of construction everywhere. New stuff too.

Kate said...

Don't know Sentosa but our cities have lots of different festivals. Does that count?!

travelphilippines said...

wow sentosa one of singapores finest destination.. i would love to be there.

Anonymous said...

Never heard of it, but it looks pretty good!

I'm showing my best ever picture of Marsden Rock today.

South Shields Daily Photo

Unknown said...

visit to know more about Sentosa.

I think your city has much more festivals!

I wish to visit Philippines too, since it is so near. :-)

Let me go visit your picture now.

Dijah said...

Of course I've heard of it!Haven't been there yet.Maybe the next trip to Singapore.

DK said...

I just went there few weeks ago. One of the best place to go in Singapore now.

Olivier said...

le costume est magnifique, on pourrait se croire au superbe canarval de venise

the costume is splendid, one could be believed in superb the canarval of Venice