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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Flea Market at Far East Square

Flea markets are getting popular. You see people selling all sorts of 'junk' or 'treasures' depending on how you see it. This is a flea market at Far East Square in Singapore.

Are you a junk collector? hehe.. ie. do you throw away unnecessary stuff or you keep everything and anything


Jon said...

just happen to stumble upon your blog, nice everyday photos. I happen to like this one on far east as i frequent the flea markets. I do enjoy walking thru the ones at thieves market at Sungei Road but this is nice too

Olivier said...

en vérité je ne suis pas collectionneur, mais je n'aime pas jeté, c'est ce qui dans un sens revient au même. Mon frère collectionne tous ce qui touche au hamburger ;o)

in truth I am not collector, but I do not like not thrown, it is what in a direction returns to same. My brother collects all what touches with hamburger ;O)

Yasser Rahman said...

hey , interesting photo there! What are the prices like in the flea market there :)

Also, need a little favor. How do you post such large sized photographs onto your blogger post? Would really appriciate it if you could let me know :)

poody said...

oh I am a "collector" I would love to be here!

Anonymous said...

I love going to flea market. Sometimes you do find something interesting. Other times, it's just junks.

Dijah said...

The only flea market I know which I've been to loads of times is at Amcorp mall which is in Petaling Jaya and it's far.