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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Star that shines in the NDP Crowds....

If you saw the picture of the crowd the other day, and wonder about the lights in the audience, it is generated by this star!

This star when is turned on has multiple modes too. Blink Blink mode, on mode, off mode. What else, I can't remember...

By the way, are you a crowds person or you hate crowds?


Olivier said...

j'aime les foules pour les concerts, les fetes, mais j'en ai peur dans des manifestations.
"Emportés par la foule qui nous traîne
Nous entraîne
Écrasés l'un contre l'autre
Nous ne formons qu'un seul corps
Et le flot sans effort
Nous pousse, enchaînés l'un et l'autre
Et nous laisse tous deux
Épanouis, enivrés et heureux."
Edith Piaf.

I love crowd for the concerts, the festivals, but I am afraid in demonstrations of it.
“Carried by the crowd which trails us involves Us. Crushed one against the other We form one body And the flood without effort pushes Us, connected one and the other And leaves us both opened out, drunk and happy.” Edith Piaf

Anonymous said...

Sorry, no a crowd person here. Seeing so many people on the streets jostling here and there gives me a headache.

travelphilippines said...

i love crowd but it all depend what kind of crowd is it concert and clubbin is nice.... nice stuff where can i get those is it only in singapore?

jeremyDP said...

not a crowd person too, except in concert. (I liked the gadget you post yesterday ; funny idea !!)

Dijah said...

Singapore is so interesting!Would love to have that as well as the little fan you posted previously.

I'm not a croud's person.I feel awkward in a croud.

~tanty~ said...

Depends on what kind of crowd it is. If the crowd in the street or in the bus, of course I don't like it.