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Friday, July 13, 2007

Raffles Place MRT Station - EW14 / NS26

This is one of the many entrances / exits at the Raffles Place MRT Station (Station Code: EW14 / NS26). Raffles Place Interchange is one of the main interchange in the Singapore train system, and also one of the busiest too.

This photo is of the main entrance/exit, which has the colonial style architecture, and facing the Raffles Gardens.

Do you know how many entrance/exits are there in this station? Hint here.

If you have a Mass Rapid Transit system in your city, which is the busiest station?


travelphilippines said...

nice shot.. i would love to visit singapore...

Anonymous said...

It's interesting you even manage to capture a family photo for the family standing in front of the station exit ;)

Sunkyoung said...

When I stopped at this station, it was not busy at all, probably I was quite late on the way back home.

I visited Sinapore for three weeks in 2004 for training at work. I'd love to re-visit S'pore!

Anonymous said...

I think 5. I might have miscountered because it has been a year or two since I was in Singapore :)

We have tram in Nantes and the busiest station is Commerce :)