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Monday, February 11, 2008

Lunar New Year Dinner

What are most Chinese in Singapore doing the last few days?
Eat and eat and eat!

The 15 days celebration of the Lunar New Year, people will be eating tidbits, having meals with families, visiting relatives etc...

Here's one of our many family dinners.

Want to see close up of the food? haha.. Then click here.


Kate said...

A culinary feast; and, I'm assuming that you are really, really spoiled with all this succulent food!!

Jilly said...

Oh this is mouthwatering - and the photos in the link - .... just one question - how difficult if it to become a member of your family?!

Jazzy said...

happy new Chinese year Keropok.
and what would celebration be without lovely, delicious food!
many happy returns!!!