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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The real Macbook Air on my table.

A colleague was so excited that he finally got his MacBook Air (MBA) that he placed an order for on the day it was announced.

He brought it into my office and placed it on my desk. "Ta Da". I lay my fingers on it with a hint of covetedness. It was light! Thin! But after a while, hey, it just like the iMac I have at home wat, only mine's sitting on the table. Sounds sour grapesy? LOL...

My fingers went to work again, picking up my camera and begin to snapped away, here are some photos of it. (Sorry, I know all the Daily Photo bloggers are suppose to post 1 photo a day, but here's many more of it. haha....)

The MacBook Air.

The machine that can fit into a manila envelope!

See how thin it is...
(yes, that's the Cisco IP Phone that you see on most movies behind.)

A short similar to what another colleague posted on his blog.
(also from my table. haha..)

The new and improved touch pad.

The keyboard that my colleague said made him purchase the MBA.

Why? because when it's dark, you can see that it is a back litted keyboard.

Some people complained that there's only 1 USB, but that's no problem for him.

As in most apple hardware, you see the words: Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China.

The magsafe plug

So, you getting one too?
My colleague, known as Wire has many interesting reads on his blog. You can read what made him order the MBA too. haha..


Jazzy said...

cool, i'm glad you like it ;)

edwin s said...

so, your friend must be very lansi now lah.

Jilly said...

I drool every time I see this masterpiece.

Unknown said...

I'm jalous! Lucky you! I wish I could have one too :-)

alicesg said...

That is so cool. Nice.

Anonymous said...

Huaa! So jealous!!
I m using a powerbook g4 noww...
Wishing it will turn into a macbook air..

Ming the Merciless said...

I am definitely NOT a techie. Heck, I still have the same point-and-shoot camera from over a year ago when I started NYC DP.

But am thinking of upgrading my camera to an SLR soon. Just have to decide if it's worth the investment. :-)