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Friday, February 15, 2008

slow and steady. the spider weaves a huge web!

While hiking at Bukit Timah Hill the other day, a few of us looked up and saw this.

Up up up high up, the sun was shining through this empty space between the tall trees and we could see the huge web! The spider's on it too!

The spider looks scary huh? With its reddish yellowish or is it orangish colour.
Singapore's not a concrete jungle. There's a real jungle out there.

If you are from Singapore and always wanted to cycle in Pulau Ubin, visit the Pedal Ubin site at the Raffles Musuem website. They organize regular cycling rides and the next ride is on 1st March 2008.


tstar said...

OH MY GOD! The web's beautiful!

JaamZIN said... looks wonderful Keropok Man:) Rare to see a photo like this on Singapore DP:)

Olivier said...

bravo, une belle photo cette toile d'araignée.

Bravo, a beautiful picture this spider's web.

alicesg said...

Beautiful spider web. It is worth your hiking.

carolyn said...

Oh wow! That is an amazing shot. Beautiful!

Ming the Merciless said...

The web is really intricately done. That spider is an artist. :-)

Pat said...

YES!!! scary! I went for a walk once and wasn't aware of many spider webs on the path and ended up with many on my face!!!!


Guelph Daily Photo, My Photos.

JollyGreenP said...

Singapore is fortunate in having some wild areas left on the island that allow for a break from the bustle of the city. On my last visit in November last year my wife and I visited Bukit Timah and had a pleasant morning enjoying the wildlife and trees. Also worth the effort is a visit to the Changi boardwalk and also the Sungei Buloh Wetlands reserve. When visiting areas like this though remember to slow your pace down, even stand still and become a part of the scene so that you will start to notice so much mre.