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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Singapore's version of Beijing's Olympic Water Cube

I think I was reading the newspaper or magazine about the Beijing Olympic's National Aquatics Centre open for testing or something. It's also known as the Water Cube.

Guess what, I was walking to dinner earlier tonite and saw this. I thought of the Water Cube. haha..

This is just many buildings around Singapore that are wrapped up, so the demolition can proceed hidden inside. I was surprised that this one is wrapped so nicely! It's blue too which reminded me of the water cube. haha... (or is the building just covered for exterior renovation)


Jazzy said...

very neat indeed.

chillycraps said...

lol, that's funny!

now I wonder why do they spend so much in Beijing just to get the same visual effect =P

Jim Klenke said...

hopefully its covered for renovation, but it looks really neat.

Anonymous said...

It does look nice. Hope you all like it when finished.

Anonymous said...

Maybe its the handywork of Christo and Jeanne-Claude?