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Friday, May 23, 2008

Father of the Internet - Dr Vint Cerf from Google spoke at NUS today.

The "Father of the Internet" - Vinton G. Cerf (also Vice President & Chief Internet Evangelist, Google) gave a talk at the School of Computing, NUS today.

It was an interesting talk indeed. All who attended enjoyed the talk. I am most amazed by the part of the talk about interplanetary Web. (Where sensors on spacecraft, satellites and planets to transmit information to each other and back to Earth using a common set of protocols)

This photo, Vint waving to the overwhelming crowd at the end of the talk.

Which product from Google do you use the most?


Anonymous said...

And what does he have under his arm? I bet it would be interesting to hear him talk about the future of the Internet.

If I don't get back to see you again before the weekend, I will wish you a "Happy Decoration Day" weekend. Alas, now called 'Memorial Day' weekend here in the states; and, better known for the Indianapolis 500 race than for decorating the graves of the dead.

Unknown said...

Hi Ab,
It's a thank you gift from the School to him. (I am not sure what's in it though)

Have a great Happy Decoration Day!

Olivier said...

cela devait être sympathique et intéressante comme conférence.
J'adore utiliser Google Map.

it should be nice and interesting conference.
I love to use Google Map.

Camemberu said...

wow you got to hear him talk!

i can't imagine life without google these days!

Anonymous said...

what a great moment! This photo is very expressive