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Friday, May 02, 2008

The Latest Donut Craze from Indonesia

This is the latest donut chain in Singapore that is causing donuts fans to go gaga over. J.Co Donuts. It has been attracting long long queues since it opened.

This is its first outlet in Singapore. I just found out from its website, that its from Indonesia. This branch opened in February is franchised by Breadtalk, a local bread company.

Are you a donut lover? What is your favorite flavor?


DwD said...

did you go to city hall this very afternoon? because i did! i went to shokudo though, not jco. i looooveeee the glazed and the oreo. i'd like to try the jcrown but they seem to never had it.

Kris McCracken said...

I love donuts, but generally, I just like the plain cinnamon ones. I also like the Dutch oliebollin types.

I will note how the font type on the sign reminds me very much of Starbucks!

• Eliane • said...

Vade retro satanas! Stay away from the lethal donuts!! Way too sweet for me.

J.C. said...

I took a photo of JCO Donut cafe from afar in Sunway Pyramid. Someone from the cafe approached me and told me photography is NOT allowed. So I won't post its pix on my blog for fear of getting another complaint! :o(