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Friday, May 16, 2008


Pinnacle@Duxton the tallest public housing in Singapore.
Here's another photo update of it.

Wonder when is the completion date. I would love to live there. On the 50th floor! ;-)

Are you afraid of heights? Would it be scary if you look out your window from the 50th floor?


Just Wedeminute said...

I would love it but my husband wouldn't he's afraid of heights!! That's a great building!

• Eliane • said...

If I am in a building, I am totally fine and I love it - you sort of feel protected by the building. But if i have to walk in an open structure, like a bridge made in rope or something, that's a complete different story.

Anonymous said...

ha ha same sentiments as elaine.


Mockingbird said...

Of course it's scary to look down from the 50th floor. But it sure is wonderfully fantastic to be able to live so high up in the air. This few blocks of new flats are definitely taking longer than the 3-year period to construct, since they are taller and have more units.