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Saturday, October 11, 2008

New Paper New Face 2008

Was at Takashimaya Shopping Centre and I saw this.

It was the New Paper New Face 2008 Finals.
Well, who won? Read it here. ;-)


Jane Hards Photography said...

You've photographed that so well, with the overview and lighting

Kris McCracken said...

How very stylish!

Mockingbird said...

i went to the one in 1995 :p when i still had my Canon EOS 500 SLR :p

My shots weren't that great either as my lens wasn't very fast.

the winner is beautiful :D

Mockingbird said...

the 1995 new paper new face had the malaysian actress Phyllis Quek as one of its contestants. She posed really weird. She left her arms dangling in the air without resting them on the male models who were out on the catwalk with her :p Weird, outright! Maybe she think she thought she was too much of a diva to be resting her arms on the male models :p

Anonymous said...

Nice shot there keropokman.